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The small-scale residential, commercial or mixed-use building is flexible, functional and human-scaled. It adds a lot of value to a city’s tax base on a small amount of land and can offer affordable space for a small business. Yet very few of these buildings are being built new today and existing ones are in duress.

This represents an opportunity for small developers to build these types of buildings in a niche market not currently being served by major real estate developers. These buildings are the platform for local small business – the local merchants, restaurateurs and other entrepreneurs – who are the cornerstones to the overall economic health of our communities.

The Incremental Development Alliance envisions a network of small developers who build flexible buildings that enhance their neighborhood context and a small business culture that creates new opportunities for merchants and entrepreneurs who can build wealth in their communities.

We're at the nexus of real estate and economic development, splicing together a new strategy for economic prosperity at the most local level - our neighborhoods.


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